14 Apr 2018

18 Feb 2018

Radio Overview in Europe (Ep. 3): Liechtenstein

Previously as announced on the episode about Switzerland. This time will talk about Liechtenstein.

10 Feb 2018

Radio Overview in Europe (Ep. 2): Switzerland

Previously, was about Norway. It's time to mountainous Switzerland with the Alps.

8 Jan 2018

Radio Overview in Europe - SUPPLEMENT (Ep. 1) [FM radio in Norway]

Just after analogue FM radio switch-off process in some places can still listen to analogue FM radio (mainly local) until 31st December 2021 when concession review will take place. More about list as from main series as supplement of local radio stations that are broadcast or have free frequencies (marked by italic) by 2nd of January 2018. Stations that were switched-off are skipped. Name of fylkes/region in alphabetical order with code in brackets.

31 Dec 2017

2017 - summary; 2018 - expectations

2017 is coming to be closed and 2018 to be opened. It's time to summarise 2017 in the field of European radio (not only digital), positive is marked as green, neutral normally, and negative as red. There will be also expectations in 2018.

30 Dec 2017

Radio Overview in Europe (Ep. 1): Norway

This is new series Radio Overview in Europe. The series which will be discussed about given country. Will be described radio stations, how to receive these stations etc. Now let's go to the point.
Now of course, will be Norway.

New Year wishes for 2018

I wish you that 2018 will bring great progresses in digital radio regulaions for Europe and the European countries (mainly for the European Unions) but also work on National Strategy in the field of digitisation of terrestrial radio, and DAB+ opposition of broadcaster (either public and private), government and regulators will eventually be broken.
I wish them:

13 Dec 2017

Digital Radio Switch-Over in Norway in numbers

On 13 December 2017 at 11:11:11 during polar night in counties Finnmark and Troms as well as in Svalbard analogue FM radio switch-off (AFMRSO) process was completed for nationwide and some local radio stations. Most local radio stations will continue broadcasting on FM until 2022. However, NRK P1 continues analogue broadcasting but on AM band on long wave on 153 kHz/1959 m from Ingoey, Finnmark as necessary for fishermen working in the Barents Sea and on medium wave on 1485 kHz/202 m from Longyearbyen, Svalbard. It's time for "in numbers".

15 Nov 2017

Quick update #1: Small ARSO in South Tirol

Reffering to the post about small AFMRSO in South Tirol there is updates. There is many changes after decision by RAS. First analogue FM transmitters was switched-off from 5th December 2017. Next will be occured in November 2018 as next transmitters are Graun i. Vinschgau, Ritten, Pragsertal, Ratschings, Welschnofen, Aberstueckl and Kurzras.

24 Oct 2017

Why support the digitisation of terrestrial radio, what are the problems and how to break the barriers?

Due to analogue FM radio switch-off (ARSO, AFMRSO, AFMSO, or simply ASO) in Norway this year, after 13 December 2017 many local or community radio stations will continue broadcasting on FM for 5 years or until 31 December 2021. The next countries after Norway in queue are Denmark, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. In case of Denmark, ARSO will be occured within 2 years after 50% of digital radio listenership (currently 33% in 1st half of 2017) will be reached. In case of Switzerland, ARSO will be held between 2020-2024. In case of the United Kingdom, ARSO may be decided after all criteria will be met such as 50% of digital radio listenership will be reached according to RAJAR and national DAB coverage must be comparable to FM radio, and local DAB coverage reaches of 90% for both households and all major roads. What how are reasons?