6 Dec 2018

Quick update #2: Small ARSO in South Tirol

Referring to the post about small AFMRSO in South Tirol there is updates. There is many changes after decision by RAS. Switch-off will be occured on 11 December 2018 as next 7 transmitters will be switched-off as mentioned on the post.

2 Oct 2018

Radio Overview in Europe - SUPPLEMENT (Ep. 2) [FM radio in Switzerland]

Originally, from 1st January 2020 (Wednesday) until 31st December 2024 (Tuesday) in Switzerland will be occured ARSO. The exact date of the start of ARSO process with cantons and regions will be announced by OFCOM Switzerland in early 2019. One of them is Ordinance on Radio and Television (English: RTVO; German: RTVG; French/Italian: ORTV) with Annex 1 (on FM broadcasting). More about list by regions according to RTVO. In case of private broadcasters, regions 1-7 are assigned to Romandie, 8-16 to Bern-Midlands, 17 and 18 to Basel, 19-22 to Central Switzerland, 23-26 to Zurich, 27-31 to Eastern Switzerland and 32-34 to South-Eastern Switzerland and Ticino. In case of public broadcaster SRG SSR will be included by radio stations that are grouped by languages per radio stations.

28 Sep 2018

Radio Overview in Europe (Ep. 5): Denmark

Previously on the Radio Overview in Europe, I focused on the United Kingdom. In this episode, another monarchy, of course, about Denmark.

21 Aug 2018

Radio Overview in Europe - SUPPLEMENT (Ep. 4, part 2) [AM radio in the United Kingdom]

On 17th May 2018 digital radio listenership has been reached 50%, ARSO will be occured after decision of government. On this post will be about AM radio frequencies on part 2. The list will be in order accordance to frequency. Shortwave broadcasting, BBC World Service (due to overnight service on some BBC Radio stations) & church radio stations are not included. On medium wave transmitters are not included which could take a lot of time. On part 3 will be about analogue FM radio and on part 4 about digital DAB radio.

Radio Overview in Europe - SUPPLEMENT (Ep. 4, part 1) [Isle of Man]

On part 1 of Episode 4 supplement will be focused on the facts about the Isle of Man.

Radio Overview in Europe (Ep. 4): United Kingdom

First there was Norway, then Switzerland and finally Liechtenstein. Let's focus on the United Kingdom, one of the first European countries that began regular television broadcasting.

14 Apr 2018

18 Feb 2018

Radio Overview in Europe (Ep. 3): Liechtenstein

Previously as announced on the episode about Switzerland. This time will talk about Liechtenstein.

10 Feb 2018

Radio Overview in Europe (Ep. 2): Switzerland

Previously, was about Norway. It's time to mountainous Switzerland with the Alps.

8 Jan 2018

Radio Overview in Europe - SUPPLEMENT (Ep. 1) [FM radio in Norway]

Just after analogue FM radio switch-off process in some places can still listen to analogue FM radio (mainly local) until 31st December 2021 when concession review will take place. More about list as from main series as supplement of local radio stations that are broadcast or have free frequencies (marked by italic) by 2nd of January 2018. Stations that were switched-off are skipped. Name of fylkes/region in alphabetical order with code in brackets.